Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Outlook

I am going to try to break up the monotony a little by starting a new blog feature at the beginning of each month about what I think or want to happen within said month. It's obviously more from my point of view but I wanted to write about something more than just cards at least once a month.

October is here and it is the first full month of fall. Living in California we still get the nice blue sky and warm weather while parts of the country will soon be buried in heavy rains and/or snow. There are many things I dislike about my state but the weather is not one of them. I am blessed to live in this beautiful state and try not to take for granted our great weather while the rest of the nation suffers.

Two years ago I got the opportunity to take a picture with the Stanley Cup as our Los Angeles Kings finally won the trophy for the first time in their history. Being a Dodger fan I did not and won't take for granted that it is very hard to be the last team standing and that you never know when you will be on top of the hill again. Well, the Kings did it again this past summer and are once again the champions of Hockey and I was able to secure a spot in line this Friday to take a picture with the cup once again. 2 times in 3 years is unbelievable. I expect them to always compete for the cup but understand it is very possible for us to either win it again in 2015 or the other hand it could be another 20 years (God forbid) till we lift it up again. I look forward to another date with Lord Stanley in a couple days.

With being a champion on my and everyone's mind it is time to see the Dodgers become World Series Champions once again. I have been next to the 1988 trophy which I have no picture to support that claim but here I am with the 1981 version with former Dodger center fielder Ken Landreaux. If the Dodgers don't make the World Series I will consider this year a disappointment considering what Kershaw has done on the mound. Literally history being made yearly the young lefty. Hell, if we don't win I will probably feel like it is was a disappointment but we shall see come the end of the month. Either way it is time for the Dodgers to be back in the Fall Classic as everyone else is tired of waiting for it to happen. We have been teased too long. Its been a long 26 years and we are hungry.

With the Dodgers winning the World Series on either the 25th,26th,28th or 29th I will be celebrating that win in Vegas for my big 4-0 birthday.

I look back and see that my life has flown by since I became an adult and more so once I turned thirty in what seemed like yesterday. I still stand by my argument that age is a number and even though my body has turned 40 I by no means feel that I am an old man. I plan to be active and a world traveler for many more years to come. I still have 20 more baseball parks to go to and at least that many countries to visit with my wife.

I might be turning 40 but I don't even think I have reached the half way point in my life span. Check back with me when I turn 47 and I will give you my thoughts then.

Well that's how I believe and hope my month will play out and those are just the "big" things. It's October so that means a Halloween event to go to and this year we are going to the Queen Mary. A fun month ahead and I will enjoy blogging about what I see and do during the month. Thank you all for reading as always and have yourselves a blessed and happy month.

Go BLUE !!!
Go Kings GO !!!


  1. Dikran is heading to the Queen Mary this weekend. I would have loved to go, but work got in the way. Also, Happy Early Birthday!

    1. Damn work/life.
      Next year.
      Ive never been there for the Halloween event so hopefully its good
      And thank you for the well wishes