Thursday, October 16, 2014

Contest Winnings From Team LA Store

The Front

I seem to keep racking up T-Shirts from RT contests on Twitter. This time patience was a virtue and I saved myself $30+ and received a free shirt.

I saw this shirt promoted on Twitter a few days before I went to go see the Stanley Cup a couple of weeks ago and thought it had a great design on the front and wanted to purchase it and wear it for the Cup picture. Went down to the LA Store at LA Live and searched for the shirt but they did not have my size and I could have bought one a size bigger but I didn't want to "waste" my money just to have the shirt. I instead bought a different shirt and moved on. 

A couple days later the LA Store Twitter account sent out a tweet promoting a RT contest and as per the norm I entered and the next day I was informed that I was one of the winners. Woo Hoo. Sent them my information and this time they had my size and within the week I had the shirt in hand. It's still a great looking shirt and it cost me nothing. 

Thank you again to the LA Store for having the contest and thank you for the shirt.
Go Kings Go !!!
Defend the Cup !!!

The Back

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