Saturday, October 11, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Five Star : Craig Biggio Base Autograph Rainbow Parallel ( 18 / 25 )

Since I reentered the hobby early in 2013, Biggio was one of the autographs I really wanted to acquire for my collection. Prior to 2013 I had tried and tried to get a signed ball by Craig but I always came up short on the eBay auctions as the prices were never reasonable to me. It constantly sold for over $50. Well now that I went to almost strictly cards I had another chance to finally add Mr. Biggio to my autograph collection and finally I have.

Craig hasn't had that many autograph card releases and on card versions are even less so that made the hunt a tad harder. Well my second favorite brand, Five Star, included him in last year's release but to this day I was never able to secure one at a low price. Craig is going to be in the Hall of Fame next year and he played his whole career in Houston. I love when a top notch player plays his whole career on one team and to get 3000 plus hits is the cherry on top of his award laden resume. I assume all that worked against me as people wanted this card as well and I continuously got outbid on numerous auctions.

Guess there was a slow day on the bay as this card's high bid was in the low teens as the final day of the auction came around. Book value is $60 and I have seen it close at over $40. I didn't need the limited parallel as the base would have been fine but if I could get this one on a deal that would be great. Last minute bid and I was the winner with my exact bid that I put in which was more than 50% off of book. Card looked great on the computer screen but looked even better in person. I am debating on getting it graded as the only thing I see wrong is it has ever so slightly rounded corners. Probably earn a 9 on those but the other sub grades should come out gem mint along with the flawless autograph. We shall see but either way I am glad to finally add this card to my collection. 

18 of 25

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