Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Tier One : C.J. Wilson Autograph Silver Variant ( 4 / 10 )

I was trolling one day on eBay ( lets be honest that's everyday ) and just seeing what cheap autographs could be had. Came across this one of current Angel pitcher C.J. Wilson in silver ink. I do love me some silver variant autographs.

There is no book value assigned to the card due to its scarcity. The base version, which is numbered to 99, is valued at $12. This silver one is limited to 10 copies so I would assume that if there had been a book value it would be somewhere in the $25 range at the very least. Well after all was said and done I won this on a traditional auction in the single digits. Not a lot of demand for this pitcher and that is fine by me. I know C.J. signs at the stadium and public events but if I can pick his autograph up for a minimal cost then I can just bypass the commotion of in person crowds. Great looking card.

Four of Ten

A side note
C.J.'s season ended with him laying a turd of a game but this is his wife so he has that going for him in the off season.
= )

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