Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Five Star : Bob Gibson Base Autograph ( 22 / 50 )

The last National League pitcher to win the MVP (before Kershaw does this year) has finally made it back into my collection.

I owned a signed ball by Mr. Gibson but as with most of the ball collection he was part of the purge but at some point down the road I knew I would reacquire his John Hancock. He wasn't on the radar for quite some time till I read article pertaining to MVP pitchers and that reminded me that I needed his autograph. I glanced around on eBay and then I remembered that he was in last year's Five Star issue and I do love me some of Five Star.

Book value is set at $60 and auctions have closed recently from $35-$60 with one being sold at $100 (???) so I expected to lose out on this card as my ceiling was low cost wise as Bob is not a priority. Last day of the auction arrived and the high bid was sitting in the high teens. Interesting. Last minute arrived and I put my bid in and won the card for only $24!!! With nothing out of pocket it really was a great win. I expected something to be wrong with the card when it arrived but when it did not only was there nothing wrong it but I think it has a good chance at mint if not gem mint grade from BGS. I just might submit it. Great buy at the right time. Welcome back Bob.


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