Monday, October 6, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Chrome : Jose Abreu Base Autograph Refractor Parallel ( 312 / 499 )

2 Topps redemptions arriving in one week is a cause for celebration, but 2 top line autographs from Topps is a slice of heaven. Julio Urias's Bowman Black autograph arrived on a Saturday and then this great looking Jose Abreu autograph came in on a Tuesday.

I was lucky enough to pull the redemption card for this card from a 4 box break that Alex of Chavez Ravining held a little more than a month ago. It was the only reason I joined the box break to get an autograph from this sure to be rookie of the year. Alex took the Dodgers in the break so I was left with my choice of the other 29 teams. The White Sox was the only logically choice for me as for the Angels I wasn't sure Mike Trout was going to be represented by an autograph ( he was ) but I knew Jose would be. Prices for Jose's autographs have ranged from $100 to $250 when it comes to base and refractor parallels. I was never going to pay for his autograph but if I could score it in a box break whether from Alex or anyone else then I would be happy with that. Well I was lucky and now I am happy that I have it in hand.

My intention all along was to have this graded and hopefully it would come from Topps in great condition and it would grade out to gem mint by BGS. I think there is a very good shot of that happening ( more so than the redemption Urias card ) as the centering is spot on, edges are flawless, corners are sharp ( maybe downgraded to a 9 but nothing less ) and the surface looks clean. The autograph is in perfect condition and I can say I would be disappointed if it doesn't get a 9.5 overall but we shall see in a couple of weeks when I send in my last big batch.



  1. Not to sound bitter but this card should be mine! :P As the winner of Alex's "win a spot in my break contest", I should have had the top pick of teams, right? LOL. But no.. bitterness aside, that's a nice card. Congrats.

    1. Haha. I actually decided to give away a spot in the contest after I had already contacted Matthew about the break. He actually bought his two teams before the post even went up. I probably should have mentioned that his teams were not going to be available. Too bad there wasn't much luck for the Angels cards :/

      Awesome card man! I love that auto.

  2. Technically, as one of the very few White Sox bloggers out there, this should be mine.

    1. Technically my Dodgers should be smoking the Cardinals
      = (
      I'll take a couple Kershaw autographs for it. Its coming back gem mint in a couple of weeks
      value will be higher
      = )