Saturday, October 25, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman Platinum : Scott Schebler Base Autograph Blue Parallel ( 93 / 199 )

Sometimes I am a terrible Dodger fan.
I pride myself on knowing about all things Dodgers but sometimes players slip through the cracks and Scott here is the latest one when it comes to that.

Sad to say, prior to this year I have never heard of Scott. Now some fringe players that have no chance of advancing past single A ball can be forgiven if I or you don't know who they are but Scott here is a very decent player in double A ball that is doing well enough that he has been invited to the Arizona Fall League. Obviously since I didn't know who he was I didn't have an autograph of his. Don't need more than one of the young man but he does not have many Topps/Bowman issues of yet.

I found out that Bowman Platinum ( a set I am not collecting anymore ) has him featured in the prospects autograph subset. Not wanting more than one of him I was intent then to have a blue parallel of the card. Most auctions ended up closing at or near $10 and that was not within my budget. One day a seller had a copy though for more than 50% of that on a buy it now auction. Didn't waste another second and hit the purchase button and had this card at my doorstep within a few days.

93 / 199

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