Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Card of the Day - 2009 Allen and Ginter : Clayton Kershaw Mini Frame Autograph AND eBay Bucks Quarterly Purchase

It is always nice to complete a project no matter how big or small but it's really nice when it involves the best pitcher in baseball and its an autograph project.

Allen and Ginter has released four autographs of Kershaw through the years (2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014) and so far I have gotten my hands on 3 of the 4 but I was still on the lookout for the last one which is the 2009 version. Not many of these seem to show up on the bay but one day this on did and it happened to be late September which meant the eBay quarter was coming to a close at the end of the month. That meant I would have some eBay bucks to play with in early October. Well it was once again time to talk to a seller to see if he/she would allow me to pay a little later than the 3 day window they expected so I could use my bucks and not pay anything out of pocket. Thankfully as with all previous sellers they were receptive to my request and they said no problem. Now I just had to win the card.

A decent amount of people had already bid on the card and the watch list was growing by the day but considering what I knew I  had to work with money wise I had a lot of leeway. Final day of the auction was here and the price was still reasonable ($40ish) so I knew I had a chance of winning it. Final minute and I put in my bid at a much higher price than normal but it paid off as I won the card. Waited a week to pay the seller and within a week of that I had my final piece of my Allen and Ginter autograph Kershaw set.

As with all my Kershaw autographs this one was already ear marked for grading. Everything looks good but A & G is the one brand I always have an issue with pre-grading. I can't see it getting anything less than a gem mint 9 but it could conceivably get a gem mint as I don't "see" any flaws. We shall see.

No matter what I picked up a great autograph of Kershaw and it cost me nothing. You just can't beat that.


  1. Impressive stuff! Congrats on finishing the Kershaw A&G grand slam. I usually use my eBay bucks for supplies, but I'm eyeing a couple cards right now that may change my thinking.

    1. TY sir.
      I have a few places here that sell supplies very cheap so I always use my bucks for autographs.
      What happen to your Bucs? Of course what is happening to my Dodgers as well
      = (

    2. That is the thing with a one game wildcard. No margin for error. Bumgarner kept mowing us down and Volquez was terrible. I'm just thankful we are set up to be fairly competitive the next few years.

    3. Hate to say it but I knew that would happen and thats why I told you that they would prob lose. We had Edison and I would not play him with my season on the line but that is my opinion. U guys look good for next yr. PLEASE take out STL !!!