Friday, October 17, 2014

The Penguin Turns Two . . .

Time sure flies.

Today marks the second year that I have been doing this blog and from day one to today there have been ups and downs but I am still here.

From one year ago today I have gone from close to 200 signed balls to just a handful. From a handful of signed photos to more than 50. Literally just a few cards and now I have boxes filled with autographs, rookies and more. What does the next year hold for me?

. . . yeah, I've been watching How I Met Your Mother for the past 3 months so I thought this meme was appropriate. I don't believe it will be a terrible year and I look forward to it and seeing what the hobby and life in general has in store for me.

Thank you to everyone that has stopped in over the years and taken the time to look at some cards or listened to my rants or to just chit chat about whatever. I have done 11 contests over the past two years and other than me saying thank you personally for supporting my blog I do those to give back a little to a hobby and friends that have given me so much. With that said, look for contest number 12 in the next couple of weeks.

Two years down and hopefully many more to come.

May all of you have great heath and karma in your lives and may you continue to be blessed and lets continue to have fun with cards and whatever in the coming year(s).

Go Blue !!!
Go Kings Go !!!

- Penguin


  1. Congrats on your Anniversary! I just had my 5th for my blog (and I have a contest going on at )

    1. Ty.
      Saw that and will be doing a link this weekend when I have a moment.

  2. Congrats on the big 2. Also, How I Met Your Mother is excellent.

    1. TY sir.
      We are on the final season with 5 episodes to go.
      Love the show.
      Time Travelers was my fav episode so far.
      Next up is Orange is the New Black.
      Netflix kick

  3. Replies
    1. TY sir
      and ty for the help over the years