Friday, October 3, 2014

BGS Submission Update Thirteen - 2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks : Yasiel Puig Base Blue Parallel ( 52 / 99 ) Now Graded and Slabbed a PRISTINE 10 !!!

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Beckett Book Value : $120

Oh My ....

I have seen it, I have heard about it but till today I have never been lucky enough to have one of my own submitted cards earn the very limited and ever elusive PRISTINE 10 grade from BGS.

It's fitting that one of my most traveled cards earned the highest grade you can get. The only reason I picked up this card now and didn't wait till the off season was because of my negligence on my base set blue Bowman Chrome card of Puig that I submitted that came back a mint 9 because I didn't look at the back and saw that it was severally off centered. So off I went and tried to find myself a copy of the "rarer" draft pick blue Puig which is numbered to only 99 instead of 250 like the base one. Overseas I went as seen HERE to win this card and then I had to wait as it was handled by many people in two different countries. You just never know what can happen when a card is coming from Asia. Well as seen in that post I was just a tad worried about the corners not being perfect. I was right as they "only" earned a gem mint 9.5 grade. Everything else to me look perfect and low and behold BGS thought the same thing and gave edges, surfaces and centering a 10 to give the card an overall grade of PRISTINE 10.

There are only 2 copies in the world that have earned this grade and even in this low hobby period for Puig I saw the other copy on eBay sell for $260. If I decided to go that route that would be a nice return on my investment. No plans on that right now but it is nice to know that a nice chunk of change is there if need be.

This is one great cherry on top of my submission batch. Would love to say this is the first of many 10's going forward but I am realistic and if not I can at least say I had one that I personally submitted that obtained this rare grade. This is probably my favorite non autograph card in my collection now.

Thank you to all that have taken the time to read all 13 submission posts and/or just continuing to check in and read this blog. As always it is appreciated. To everyone, have a great day and a blessed life.

I see 10's

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