Tuesday, July 21, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number Eight - 2015 Topps : Joc Pederson Base Framed Parallel (2/20) Now Graded Gem Mint 9.5

2015 Topps Silver Framed Pederson

Now to the top 4 and the next 3 are all the same per se with the exception of the player so it basically is just preference on my part to the order. Pederson is on his way to a ROY award the way he is swinging the bat and his play in the outfield and I picked up another limited parallel of his in the form of this silver frame. I still stand by the fact that unless the the actual picture is messed up I can't see these metal framed cards earning anything less than a gem mint grade. Corners, edge and centering are obviously perfect in my eyes with only surface being in question. Expect a gem mint but as always we shall see.

Let the gem mint posts commence. Gold banners from here on out with a total of 11 to show off and 1st off is the trifecta of cards that I always "expect" to come back as gems due to their metal frames.

As with the original post Joc shows up 1st due to the other 2 players being of higher stature. As expected this card came back a gem mint 9.5 and a strong one at that as all 4 sub grades earned a 9.5. I originally picked this up on a steal on eBay and if Joc continues his rise and eventually wins the rookie of the year award this card could and probably will skyrocket in price. The last raw card I saw sold at over $120 and that was in the beginning of the year so the ceiling of this card has not been reached yet or so I hope.

I don't have many Joc cards in my collection but having this come back a gem is a great start for me.

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