Monday, July 13, 2015

State of the Dodgers : Social Rewards Update . . . 1.3 Million with a Bullet

Another few calendar months have passed and not only have I maintained my first place position in the social rewards program that the Dodgers run but I have widen the gap 5x more than it was the last time since I crossed a 100K threshold. For a refresher this is what the standings looked like back in late May :

My lead had shrunk the prior months but after a few missed days (or at least it seemed that way) I was able to put a little distance between me and the 2nd place person to the tun of 11K. I also believed that MLB/Dodgers possibly finally fixed a loophole in the system which had caused my lead to deteriorate over the course of a baseball season and in turn helped me maintain my lead this year up to that point. Now it seems that the 2nd place person has either slacked off or no longer is as interested as before as here are the new standings as I passed 1.3 million :

I have now gone from a 11K gap to a 50K+ gap which continues to grow each day. While it is fun to continue to be on top I have yet to win anything from the Dodgers when it comes to this program. They really should give me a "booby" prize for my dedication of punching in my points each and everyday. Ha ha.

It is what it is but as always I enjoy that I am number one in the world at something even though it means very little at the end of the day. As always I will continue to punch in my points with the hope that someday I will win something and maybe then and only then would I consider not being as neurotic and making sure I am in front of a computer each day for this...probably not. = )

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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