Friday, July 17, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number Six - 2011/14 Bowman : Corey Seager All-American Classic AFLAC Autograph (105/235) Now Graded Mint 9.0

2011 Bowman Seager

And now, yet another Corey Seager autograph and the one I really want to grade out to gem mint 9.5. The other 3 (Inception) are nice and all but this 2011/2014 (2011 Bowman but released in 2014 Bowman) is the one that has major upside in the future and I would love to pare it with my gem mint Bowman Chromes of Seager. What holds me back is the centering. I can tell its not perfect but I hope it still earns a 9 as I think the other 3 sub grades will get a 9.5. I have seen these in graded form and they are going for top dollar and will only go up in the near future. My hope is that I can own one as well.

Submission number six and the last of the disappointing returns and sad to say this happens to be one of them.

I had 4 cards in the batch that I really needed/wanted to grade out to at least gem mints and since this is the last "disappointment" at least the other 3 received what I wanted. Of course more on those later. With the naked eye I knew centering was going to be an issue and it was as it earned a 9. I was hoping the other 3 subs would bump up the card to on overall 9.5 but only 1 other sub received a 9.5 while the other two received 9's.

The card is a pretty strong nine and unlike the Inception Seagers I will not be cracking this open but will keep it in it's case but I am on the look out for another copy of this card as I want to try my luck again in the hope of getting a gem mint. I think this will be a very important card in the future and want a gold banner beauty in my collection.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. I had the Joey Gallo Perfect Game auto and also had it graded. Came back as an 8. It had nines on everything but centering, which got a 7.5. It was painful.

    1. Ouch.
      Thats worse than this one. Probably one of the reasons u were ok to move it.
      Thankfully this was my last "bad' return though not my last mint 9.

  2. Still one of my favorite Seagers!

    1. Same here.. The only one that trumps it is my 2012 BC blue parallel BGS 9.5. Blue and black parallels are still my favorites