Monday, July 6, 2015

Movie Review : Terminator Genisys

Are you ready for round five from the Terminator franchise? Even if you are not I am as I have always loved this series even though the last one with Christian Bale in the lead left me wanting. I wanted to like it but I just couldn't make myself.

Arnold is back in his classic leather jacket looking old but ready to still kick some ass. I wanted to watch this chapter with minimal knowledge of what is going on in it even though I have seen multiple previews I am still pretty unaware of most of the story line and want to keep it that way. With lesser expectations I hope to really enjoy this movie as I have already heard people stating it's not that strong. I shall see for myself.

Highlights :

  • Arnold is back and this time around he has brought some new jokes. He really is the best part of the film. 
  • Every time a new Terminator movie comes out it seems that the special effects get better and this one is no different. 
  • Unlike the last chapter this one doesn't forget the 1st entries in the franchise existed. Nice to see the nods.
Low Lights :

  • Emilia Clarke as Sara Conner. I love Emilia on Game of Thrones but her smaller frame and her "traditional" female frame (curves) makes it hard to believe her as a bad ass ready to help save the world.
  • While I love time travel it can make your head hurt and this one is no different. Explanations while thorough still leave and make holes in theories.
  • Movie is more of a re imagining of the 1st film and not really one that stands on its own merit which can be good and bad but in this case it seemed to hinder it more than help. 

Final Thoughts :

I so love me some Terminator movies and in general time travelling movies and I was hoping this latest entry would jump start the franchise again. I came away thinking it could go either way.

Other than Arnold I think all the parts were miscast. Emilia doesn't make me think world saver and Reese is more eye candy for the ladies than anything else. While time travel on the surface does not makes sense (think about it, the present can't happen unless the future happens but the future only exists because the present happened, brain cramp) I still enjoy watching movies about it and this one was no different. Arnold brings minimal dialogue to the film but has the most impact of all the characters. If this franchise is to move forward it is going to have to figure how to make a decent movie minus the original Terminator at some point. Seeing John Conner as something he wasn't in the 1st four films was nice to see and made this movie all around better.

In the end even if you are a die hard Terminator movie fan you might be turned off by the different direction they decided to go with here. I personally enjoyed it as I didn't find the plot holes too offensive as some are born out of typical time travel loop holes. When Arnold finally says good bye to this franchise I fear that it will lights out for it as I don't think the creators can make a great film with him in it so how will they make a good film without him?

Final Grade : B

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. I seem to remember Linda Hamilton looking pretty frail and feminine in the original Terminator; it was only in the second movie that she buffed up. That said, it would seem to me to be a tall order replacing her in the role. I do wish the TV series had lasted.

    Of all the reboots we've seen, I don't think I've seen better casting than in the new Star Trek line. I instantly accepted that crew as the Enterprise crew we knew and loved in the 60s.

    1. You are very correct in Linda's physical appearance. Thank you for pointing that out. Guess I still had T2 in my mind instead of the 1st one. I really did enjoy the TV show and thought it was very underrated. Another show that was running at the same time was The Dollhouse another mis understood series.

      Totally agree with you on the Star Trek line. Top notch actors and acting in both films and looking forward to the next one due out in a couple of years.