Thursday, July 9, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number Two - 2013 Bowman Inception : Corey Seager Base Autograph Gold Parallel (57/99) Now Graded Near Mint 8.5

2013 Bowman Inception Gold Seager

Same card, same player but different color. As with the blue one this gold one is subject to the same conditioning concerns especially the corners. The reason this one is higher on the list compared to the blue one is that while it also has issues on two corners one of them you can only really see while under a magnifying glass. Again, can it earn a gem mint grade? Sure but I am being more realistic in my thinking and it will probably come back as a mint 9 just like its blue brother. Still a nice card no matter the grade.

Even though there were 3 different colored parallels of this card in the batch and knowing that corners are an issue with Bowman Inception and these had imperfections that I knew of it was still a "disappointing" return.

I thought the corners would at least earn an 8.5 and that the rest of the sub grades would boost it up so I would get an overall mint grade on the card. While the 3 other sub grades in fact earned a 10, 9.5 and 9 the corners came in with a deflating 8 which meant the card earned an overall 8.5. Ugh, so close to a mint but my gamble did not pay off.

I already have my eye set on a couple more autograph Seager cards so this one will probably be cracked open and sold to compensate for a future sale. Yes, I am that picky but I know it.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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