Thursday, July 2, 2015

Trade with Fellow Blogger : Frankie of My Life in the Sports Card Hobby

Another successful trade with Frankie which was born from a failed one nets me the return of a favorite and an acquisition of a top prospect plus some bonus cards.

Frankie is the 3rd separate blogger to send me a trade package with their own business card. I really am missing the boat on this. I need to look into doing up some Penguin cards.

Frankie as always send some extra cards in the trade package and this time was no different as he sent me a nice handful. Won't show them all but here are a couple of my favorites.

A Jose Bautista manufactured relic card from Topps. Frankie was nice enough to throw in an autograph of him from our last trade and now I have yet another Jose card to pare it up with.

A Mr. Hu autograph from a way back. I forgot I never had an autograph of his as I was never in search for one. Still not a fan of sticker autographs but being as this is the only one of Hu I have I welcome it into the fold.

Now onto the main 2 cards that this trade was about.

Frankie originally had a 2015 Topps Finest card of Kris Bryant that he pulled in a pack and I wanted that and was trying to work a trade focused around it but we couldn't come to an agreement but Frankie was still interested in my/his old Strata Gwynn card that he traded to me last year. I wanted to have a Gwynn autograph though still in my collection so what did we do? Why I had him trade back my/his Gwynn that I traded him for the Strata. Ha Ha.

Mr. Padre

.5 from gem mint

I think Frankie and I are happier with the Gwynns going back to their original homes. He loves his Strata and I knew for a fact that it would not be gradable by BGS (which I wanted to do) due to it being too thick and I like the fact that this one is already graded by BGS so I can file it away with all the rest of my graded cards. With it back in hand though when Beckett comes back out in October I will be trying to get a bump on this to get a gold banner. You never know.

Along with Mr. Gwynn I will be adding another card to "hope I can get a bump to a gem mint grade" pile which was the other big card of this trade :

also only .5 from gem mint

I have wanted an autograph of Buxton for some time now but the right opportunity hadn't presented itself to me that is until now. Frankie recently received this back from Beckett and even though it is "only" a 9 it's still a great card and I am lucky to finally call it my own. I am hoping lady luck will be on my side when I submit both of these for a re grade.

Another successful completed trade with Frankie is in the books. Thank you again and looking forward to the next one.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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