Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Museum : Adrian Gonzalez / Hanley Ramirez Dual Autograph (5/15) AND eBay Bucks Quarterly Purchase Number One

Like a broken record, it's that time of the year again, eBay bucks "purchases" aka FREE autograph cards. Woo hoo!!!

Just like the 1st quarter of this year I was able to earn enough bucks to acquire 2 great autograph cards. One was "purchased" on a traditional auction which I will showcase in 2 days and then this one that was on a BIN auction and had been on my watch list for over 16 months. Yes, 16.

I had wanted this card since I 1st saw it back in beginning of 2014 but the seller had turned down all my offers which meant I could no longer send another offer (you are allocated 3 per auction on eBay) but I noticed he/she kept changing the asking price every 2-3 weeks. At times the price went under what my offers were. Why didn't they take my offers prior I have no idea but even though I could pick it up at a price I was comfortable with I never pulled the trigger. I normally don't acquire dual autograph cards but I found this one unique.

  • Hanley made his name as a Miami Marlin. Adrian started his career in Miami
  • Hanley started his career as a Boston Red Sox. Adrian was traded to Boston.
  • Hanley and Adrian were both traded to the Dodgers
Adrian I believe is going to make it to the Hall of Fame at some point and Hanley also has an outside chance. They also both should have 2000 hits at the end of their careers. The list goes on for similarities.

Hanley's autograph

As June was approaching its end there were no real stand out cards that I wanted to acquire (other than the one I also picked up that will be shown in 2 days) so I looked at my watch list and saw that this one was still available and the price was even lower now. The seller would only accept immediate payment so I had to wait till my bucks were available but when they did I finally acquired this card and after 16 months it didn't cost me anything.

I have had some issues with grades on these Museum cards but this looks to be in at least mint condition with an outside chance of gem mint. There is no book value due to its scarcity (15 copies) but I think I might just submit this bad boy and cross my fingers for a gold banner. No matter the outcome though I am more than happy to finally have this card in my collection. 1 free card down and 1 to go.

Adrian's autograph
Five of fifteen

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Those dual autographs from Museum are like finding a unicorn. Congrats! I purchased a rare Polanco auto with my ebay bucks that I'll be showing off soon.

    1. Man do I love eBay bucks. I also picked up a Kershaw from this past quarter which will be posted on Fri, An early congrats on your pick up. I am still in search for a Polanco for my collection but not in a hurry...