Tuesday, July 7, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number One - 2014 Bowman Chrome : Julio Urias Base Purple Refractor Parallel (72/199) Now Graded 4.5 ???

And the results are in from my most recent batch to Beckett. As usual I will post one result every other day for a total of 34 days. While most (11) of the results were satisfactory there were a handful (6) that irked me. Also per the norm I will go from worst to best. With that said lets get to it.

2014 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor Urias

We are to the point now in the batch where I think everything should be gem mint but there are a couple borderline ones and this purple Urias is the 1st. Top to bottom this cards looks to be centered perfectly but from side to side you can tell its not 50/50, Couple that with the back having the "same" issue we shall see what grade this one earns but I am still more confident than not that it will be gem mint rather than plain old mint.

and... 3.5?

While I pride myself in doing a pretty good job of pre grading a card before I submit it to BGS this is proof positive that I am not perfect nor did I ever think I was but damn.

I will be honest and say that surface is the one of the four sub grades I don't look at super closely but going forward I sure will be. I always make sure corners, edges are not fraying or if they are I know they are going in. I also make sure centering is what I want or what to expect from BGS. All 3 of those checked out as evident by the grades by Beckett but obviously I messed up big time with surface as I have never received a sub grade of less than 8 on any of my card submissions. To say the least I am on the lookout for another purple parallel of Urias as I want the rainbow in at least mint 9's.

Normally if a card receives a grade I don't like and feel I can resell it to get my money back I will crack it open and do so. With this one though I am going to keep it as a reminder to always do my homework. Lesson learned Beckett, lesson learned.

4.5? 4444.555?

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. I don't grade cards and actually kinda dislike the whole idea of the thing. But I am wondering what in the world about the surface caused the subgrade to be that low?

    1. Usually it would be a crease or bend in the surface that I would have missed (I didnt) or as something as simple as a fingerprint or two which I did find. Very ticky tack but I did miss it. I am going to keep it as a reminder that I need to be more thorough.