Monday, July 20, 2015

Yet Another Trade With Frankie Of My Life In The Sports Card Hobby (2013 Topps Five Star Bryce Harper Base Autograph Rainbow Parallel (22/25)

Another month and another trade with Frankie of My Life In The Sports Card Hobby fame has gotten me my second Bryce Harper autograph for my collection. A few months ago I put to vote on what I should trade my gem mint Kris Bryant card for. Do I go out and add another (would be my 2nd) Koufax to the collection or go the young stud route and pick up a 2nd Harper autograph for my collection or do I stand pat and just keep my one and only Bryant? While all were gem mints I ended up picking up my 2nd Koufax and I believe that it was the right decision. Even with that though I still wanted to add another Harper so I kept my eyes open and then one day Frankie popped up on my radar.

He and I have done a few trades now and then they're are some that we never completed as we couldn't figure out the right pieces for a particular trade. Frankie posted on his IG account about a recent razz win in which he was the lucky winner of a 2013 Topps Five Star autograph card of Bryce Harper. It hardly cost him anything. Lucky guy. He stated that it was available for trade/purchase which got my attention. I contacted Frankie to see what he would take in return but 1st we had to agree on the trade value of the card. He once again asked about my Five Star Miguel Cabrera autograph card which I knew he would but thankfully that card became a tad expendable in recent weeks. More on that in a post in the future.

I knew a 1 for 1 trade of Cabrera for Harper would not happen as the Harper holds more value so after we agreed on trade value for both I sent him over the Cabrera card (plus some extras) and some cash moola to cover the difference and the trade was done. Card quantity wise this is our smallest trade but like usual he and I always deal with higher value cards and this was no different.

As per the norm with cards like this I intended to submit this to BGS for grading and once Harper was in hand I can say that I confident that it will earn at least a mint 9 with a 50/50 chance at gem mint. Also per the norm Frankie threw in some bonus cards with most coming from 2015 Topps. Thank you for those as well.


And with that Frankie and I have completed our latest trade. Thank you again to him for helping me up my Harper autograph count by 1. He also earns another 2 points in my #walletcard contest for the trade.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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