Monday, July 6, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Museum : Sandy Koufax Base Blue Parallel (18/99)

My personal deadline for this year's Topps Museum issue is nearing and with April 29th (Bowman's release date) just a couple days away (at the time of post write up) I am still trying to securing all my Museum needs. One more has been acquired with Koufax now in hand.

Even though he hasn't thrown off a MLB mound in almost 4 decades Sandy still commands some decent coin when it comes to his cards especially autographs and parallels. I had lost out on a few of these as it's book value finally came out which pegged it at $20. Love me some Koufax but that amount is too high in my eyes. eBay sales have been anywhere between $7-10 so that was going to be my ballpark with the hope of me acquiring one at the lower end of the spectrum,

I happened to be on the road when this card's auction was due to end so I had to put my bid in earlier than planned but thankfully when the auction ended my bid held up. At the very last second someone put their own bid in that pushed the end total to my max but not over. One more Museum off the checklist with a few biggies left.

18 of 99

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