Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps Gold Label : Julio Urias Framed Autograph Black Parallel (9/50)

Another redemption filled in a timely matter and I half way expected it to as Julio has always been a considerate signer in person so my thought process was that it wouldn't change when it came to doing these cards.

From afar this looks like a sticker autograph and I actually reached out to a few other collectors of this card (they had theirs in hand before me) and asked about it and they said no it was an on card autograph. That was a relief. I have always loved metal framed cards and this one is no different. This looks great in hand and I expect it to earn a gold label from Beckett when it goes in for grading as corners "can't" be an issue and everything else checks out.

My slow process getting back into the Julio collecting club continues and this is a fine addition to it.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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  1. I know some collectors weren't really feeling this release, but I personally think these framed autos look sharp. I think Urias is due for a big time season this year. I redeemed a Kershaw, but Topps is so slow, and I'm still waiting on it.