Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Raw Card Review Recap Number Two From Submission Batch Done On Saturday March 6th, 2017 (2015 Allen Ginter Clayton Kershaw Mini Frame Autograph)

I was hoping to sneak one past the graders with this Kershaw autograph but they were not having it this day.

I was confident that this would earn a 9.5 and that it did. What I was hoping to also get was a 10 on the autograph but since Kershaw signed it to the edge of the card 99% of the time the graders knock it down to a 9. I was hoping for the 1% this time but I got the majority instead and with that I now have 2 Allen Ginter mini frame autographs of the Dodger great in 9.5/9 condition. Even though I could have just sent this in to get it slabbed as "authentic" I decided to go the full grade route. Hate how they knock the grade down just because it goes to the edge but it is what it is.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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