Monday, March 27, 2017

Raw Card Review Recap Number Seven From Submission Batch Done On Saturday March 6th, 2017 (2016 Topps Corey Seager Acetate Parallel (6/10))

The final write up from my raw review batch from a couple weeks ago and while this is a "disappointing" return if they were all like this I would be happy every day of the week.

So why is this card's return a disappointment? While it did earn a gold banner I honestly thought this had a good chance at earning a pristine 10 which would have made this acquisition even more awesome. I acquired it during this past off season on a steal of deal and with a print run of just 10 I had hoped to really drive up the value of it and possibly flip it with a 10 on it. The card is the acetate parallel aka plastic like the High Tek brand. I had hoped that would help earn a higher grade as they are less susceptible to conditioning issues. While there is no 10 on this grade I am more than happy that it earned a 9.5 and this is my new crown jewel of 2016 rookie cards of Corey. I am curious to know if this was close to a 10 (.5 away) but I will have to wait till early April to find out the results but till then I know I have a very cool piece about to be slabbed for my collection.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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