Monday, May 13, 2013

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Bowman Box Break : Target Retail

So since I am back in the hobby I decided I wanted to get a box to bust into and what better way than this year's new Bowman product. I know that the retail version has less stuff in it but I can get these boxes at a major discount. $20 is the MSRP but my wife gets a 20% discount which brings it down to $16 and this one happened to be mislabeled so I got this for a little over $10. Not a bad way to start off again. There are 8 packs in these boxes and I forgot that the "proper" way to blog about these box breaks is to give a somewhat detailed summary on each back. Oops. Next time as I have a box coming in the mail. So for this entry I will just show off the hits collectively.

Kemp and Gonzalez Base Cards. I consider them hits as Dodgers are what I am after.

Ryu Rookie Base Card.

Collin Wiles Autograph Card
Going on eBay : Confirmed sales of $5

Manny Machado Blue Bordered Parallel numbered 381/500
Going on eBay : Confirmed sales of $6-8

Tyler Thornburg Mini Refractor Insert
Which it could go on eBay. Cost prohibitive

Alex Gordon Silver Ice
Going on eBay : Confirmed sales of $2

Mike Trout Gold Border Parallel
Going on eBay : Confirmed sales of $2

Miguel Cabrera Gold Border Parallel
Might go on eBay : Confirmed sales of $1.50 ( might be too small to hassle with )

Travis D'Arnaud Top 100 Insert
Going on eBay : Confirmed sales of $2

Nothing rare or great but I did get a couple Dodgers including Ryu's rookie card and the others I can sell for give or take $15 on eBay after shipping which means the box is basically free as I will just redeposit the funds back into bank account. Not a bad way to start.


  1. congrats on the Ryu! is it the error version?

  2. aren't they all errors? didn't know they had corrected version but yes it says Japan career on back

  3. maybe they do all say Japan haha. I just know some of them do, at the least. I would imagine if they all say Japan then it's a true error and not Topps trying to sneak a SP in there.

    a sweet pull, regardless!

  4. I think it is going to be an error card but maybe the will correct it and then have both out in the market. don't think they did it on purpose though.