Friday, May 31, 2013

Card of the Day - 2011 Topps Heritage : Clayton Kershaw JSA Authenticated Autograph

I know, I know. I said to myself and stated that I would only collect cards from 2013 forward as this is the year I jumped back in but I couldn't resist this card on eBay and if it went for a low price I would be "forced" to acquire it.

I do not have many Kershaw autographs as I have never been able to get him to sign for me at the stadium. I keep reading stories about him signing for people for 10-15 minutes but I am never there. He has never signed for me in Arizona as well and I have been there on 7 different days over two years. Still no luck. I have his BGS 9.5 Bowman Chrome rookie card and I did finally get him on a team ball in Washington last year as I gave him the wrong ball ( wanted a single signed but I was astonished I finally got an opportunity and I messed up there ) and that will get it's own post somewhere down the line. So I am always on the look out for Clayton's signature but they are starting to go up more and more in price so I have to pick and choose what I acquire.

So this past weekend an auction I was watching was ending and it happened to be a Kershaw autograph. Only thing is that it is on a 2011 Topps Heritage card which I did not want to collect but it also was JSA authenticated which in mind made it ok for me to try buy as technically I'm not collecting a specific non 2013 year but more an authenticated Kershaw autograph that will fit nicely in my new collection of cards.

The card was only sitting at only $10 with a little more than a hour to go. Really? A Kershaw autograph that has been authenticated by a third party at that low price? Had to put my hat into the ring and try to get it. With a few spare seconds left I put my bid in and won the auction for a little less than an Andrew Jackson. Couldn't believe my luck. I now have a total of 3 Kershaw autographs and this one looks great next to the other 2. You just never know what you can find on eBay if keep your eyes open.

Nice crisp blue signature of probable Hall of Famer if he stays the course.