Saturday, May 25, 2013

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Matt Magill Blue Bordered Variant Autographed Rookie Card ( 16 / 500 )

For some reason I didn't see Matt's name on my list of Dodgers to acquire in this year's Bowman set but once I figured it out I made sure I had to acquire his prospect card and more so his blue bordered autographed version of said card.

Went onto my favorite place, eBay, and there wasn't much to choose from and was just going to settle for the time being on his standard autographed card but the following day I went on to find it and a seller had this blue bordered version up for grabs and considering I want a complete set of the blue variants I had to acquire this one. Matt just came up to bigs and pitched a great first game which he should have won but didn't so I assumed there would be some demand on this card but surprisingly not. The seller had it at a buy it now price of just $10 which is a steal by itself for an autographed and numbered card. But the seller was also accepting best offers too. So I gambled that no one would buy it prior and put an offer in for a measly $7 ( hat tip to wife and I's number ) and in less than a hour he accepted it.

So for less than a foot long combo at Subway I received this great card of an up and coming Dodger pitcher. Also, the buyer for some great reason threw in this blue bordered refractor of Freddie Freeman which is also numbered out of 500. Matt is for sure not available for trade but Freddie can be had.

Mat Magill Blue Bordered Variant Autographed Card : 16 / 500
Not Available For Trade

Freddie Freeman Blue Bordered Refractor
Available For Trade


  1. Love the Magill! I think he'll be back in LA.

  2. Agreed. I think capo should be in the bullpen and Matt in the rotation.