Thursday, May 30, 2013

Attended Game Recap : May 29th vs Angels - ANGELS 4 - Dodgers 3

Third time was not the charm for the Dodgers last night.

This was my third game in a row for the inter league season series between the two teams but this time the Angels prevailed and possibly more damaging is that it appears Matt Kemp will be out for an extended amount of time with another hamstring injury. But this might also be a blessing in disguise as I think he needs to take some time away from the game to reset and come back 100% healthy. Anyone that has watched a game recently can tell he is just not right and his timing at the plate is off. Get better soon Matt but don't rush back to re injure yourself a la last year.

The next question is how will they replace him. The obvious and smart choice would be to bring up Yasiel Puig and to a lesser extent Joc Pederson. Joc is only 21 so you would think he would still be a year or so away but it has been reported that he is more mature than Puig but Puig is the one with a big league contract and is technically next in line for a call up. That being said this is the Dodgers and they are known to shoot themselves in the foot and they could go with someone with punch less power from the minors like Tony Gwynn Jr. or Elian Herrera. I hope they prove me wrong and bring up one of the two young guns. This team needs a shot in the arm like the Angels got from Mike Trout last year.

With all that being said there was still a game yesterday. Entering the stadium it seemed to be no more than 1/2 full and a lot less blue in the stands. The vibe wasn't there like it was on Monday til the Dodgers tied up the score and then it seemed like everyone woke up and realized there was a game being played. Capuano walked the tightrope til he got burned by a Mark Trumbo 2 run shot to increase the Angels lead to 3-1. In came our bullpen and I said to myself that if we allow another run it will bite us in the ass in the end and sure enough both happened. We allowed just one more run and in the end we lost by that one run as Adrian Gonzalez and Scott Van Slyke each hit a solo shot in the 9th but the Dodgers came up short in the end 4-3.

Unlike the first two games of the season freeway series the wife and I were accompanied by family and friends as her cousin and boyfriend joined us for the festivities. Games are usually just more fun when you can go back and forth with people and more so when one of them is rooting against you as that was the case as the cousin's boyfriend has the bad tasteitis of supporting the Orange County Angels. In the end he got the last laugh but it is always in good fun. So for hopefully only one night the Dodgers lost to the Angels and will right the ship tonight in the final game of this brief 2 game series. As always Go Blue !!!

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