Sunday, May 12, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day - Attended Game Recap : May 11th vs Marlins - DODGERS 7 - Marlins 1

So after the Paco signing I picked up my friends and family to head up to the stadium to see if the Dodgers could snap their 0 for May skid. The team has really hit the skids and need to get their act together before their season is lost. I know its only May and you don't win the division in April and May but you sure can lose it.

This Saturday they had their first Bark in the Park at the stadium and my Father in law and his co-worker love this show. Also his co-worker like most women I know are immensely in love with Matt Kemp and we wanted to give her the best opportunity to see him do his stretches and possibly meet him and better yet to get his autograph. So with that mentality I went and bought us four baseline seats to achieve this goal.

So we arrived at the stadium about 3 and soon were let in and proceeded to go to our seats. With the Bark in the Park happening today the Dodgers started BP early but I was able to grab two balls from the field. One was actually a bare handed grab from a grounder down the line. Two more for my bucket of balls at home.

My main goal is always to acquire more autographs at the stadium and since BP started early most Dodgers weren't signing as the schedule was adjusted. Dee Gordon did happen to sign for a few people along the baseline and I was lucky enough to able to have him sign my team signed ball as I already had him on a single signed one.

Dodger BP ended and then the Marlins took the field. Father in law's co-worker was taking in the experience and ended up getting one of the Marlins to toss her a ball and took pictures with two of the Marlins. One of the them was former Dodger Juan Pierre. As I collect former Dodgers you know I just had to acquire the original Beast Mode's autograph. I did but I will dedicate it's own post.

After BP Bark in the Park started and everyone enjoyed the parade of some great looking dogs.

The main event was coming up with Kemp doing his stretches and signing and I was prepping her for her opportunity and had my own collection I wanted signed. Well lets just say everyone went home happy. For me I scored and will have separate entries to show them off. For her though she got a ball signed and had a posed picture with the man himself, Matt Kemp. She was ecstatic beyond belief. Thank you again Matt for making her day.

The Dodgers went on to win a game finally as they beat the Marlins 7-1 and snapped their 8 game losing streak. Maybe just maybe they can get on a roll now. As a thank you the co-worker went and bought me a small token of appreciation and I have never seen a Dodger Penguin other than Ron Cey but I now have a plush toy for this blogs namesake. Thank you again.

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