Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Josh Lindblom ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

For the next six posts I thought I would go over one hell of an eBay deal that I acquired last year. Always on the look out for great deals I saw that Hall of Fame Sports had some auctions up on eBay. For those that don't know them they are the company that promotes signings at Frank and Sons. They have many exclusives and a lot of them are Dodgers. They are the only non PSA/JSA company that I buy from that I trust their certificate and autograph is authentic without PSA verifying it as they do their signings themselves.

Well they had at least 50 auctions up one week and with at least 10 I wanted. I talked on the phone with them and we agreed that if I won any auction I did not have to pay for shipping as I could just go down to Frank and Sons on a Saturday and pick them up. They had their shipping at $10 an auction. That played to my advantage as I believed that would scare most people away from buying non stars autographs and having to pay that high price for shipping. I was right.

At the end of the day I ended up with 6 signed balls by the Dodgers for a grand total of only $60 and some change. That comes out to only $10 for each signed official ball. A steal for me. The first one is Josh Lindblom.

Josh played for the Dodgers during the 2011 and 2012 seasons and for the most part was a dependable part of the bullpen. He was never going to be the main guy but he was an important part of the group. He also was a good guy off the field as contributed around the city for good causes. Right before the trading deadline last year Ned Colletti got a the feeling that Shane Victorino could help the Dodgers out so he traded Josh and Ethan Martin to the Phillies to acquire Shane. A bad move on all sides. The bullpen was weakened in the present and with what we have seen so far this year the future was screwed up as well. Shane didn't do much and has since left. Josh went on to be traded to the Rangers and hopefully he will do well there.

I never got to get a ball signed by Josh at the stadium and his signed balls are not plentiful on eBay so I never knew if I would get one but Hall of Fame sports had one up and I was happy to acquire it for $10. A great find and buy by a good person and decent ballplayer. Good luck to you Josh.

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