Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Roger Craig ( ROMLB Sweet Spot w/1955 World Series Champion Inscription )

Half way through my Hall of Fame purchase and we arrive to old timer Roger Craig. One of those players that played for Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

He only played for 11 years but he got his bang for his buck as he won 3 World Series on 2 different teams. While on the Dodgers he was an adequate player. He contributed to the teams and was a good cog in the wheel. Once he departed the Dodgers he went on to play 2 disastrous years with the expansion New York Mets. Losing over 20 games a year with them. Luckily for him he latched on to the Cardinals a year later and won the World Series again in 1964. He retired 2 years later.

Though I do love acquiring Brooklyn Dodger autographs Roger's were always a little too much for my taste. Normally I would see them for at least $30 on eBay and I just never thought it was worth it. I got lucky and was able to include it in the bigger package that I won from Hall of Fame sports at a very reasonable price of $10. Another great deal for me and another great looking ball in my collection.

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