Monday, May 20, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Paco Rodriguez Autographed Printing Plate Rookie Card 1 of 1

Back in 2001 when I quit the hobby there was no such thing as a printing plate insert in packs. Now that I am back in I wanted to acquire one but since I am only going to collect sets from 2013 forward that left me with few choices. Well I found one on eBay and the hunt was on.

I just met Paco this last week and already got his autographed blue refractor rookie card from this same set a couple days ago, this one was the one I really wanted as the blue one was a back up if I didn't acquire this one. I ended up with both. This is my very first 1 or 1 in my career of card collecting. While he is not a "big" star and probably maybe never will be one this still is an autographed, rookie "card" of a young Dodger.

Cost to me was technically $28 but since I had made a profit on some comics in the prior weeks out of pocket cost to me was zilch. Free in my mind and a great looking plate to boot.

Autograph nice and centered.
Since the plate is not centered does that mean all the cards are not as well?
Curious minds need to know.

1 of 1.
Music to my ears.


  1. Are you willing to sell that? I'm a huge Paco fan and I have been looking for a printing plate of him for a while now?

    1. I possibly could be convinced.
      = )
      What are you thinking? Or maybe possible trade?

    2. Do you have a kik? If so kik me at djchucky123

    3. Kik me or email me at