Monday, May 27, 2013

Movie Review : Fast and Furious 6

Another foray into the franchise with this entry being number 6.

Movie starts off with Brian ( Paul Walker ) and Mia ( Jordana Brewster ) welcoming their first kid into the world. As they settle into the family life the film shows how the rest of Dominic's ( Vin Diesel ) crew have adjusted to the new high life from the score they heisted in the last film. Roman ( Tyrese Gibson ) is enjoying the women with Tej ( Ludacris ) just enjoying the what the world has given him. Gisele and Han are enjoying themselves in Hong Kong and Dominic is finally just slowing down and relaxing.

A highly skilled heist occurs in Moscow and Hobbs ( The Rock ne Dwayne Johnson ) is brought in to investigate and determines that this is beyond what he can handle and decides to recruit Dominic and his crew and bring them back together to help out. Dominic uses footage of a supposedly deceased Letty ( Michelle Rodriguez ) lifted from the Moscow job to convince them to help solve the case.

Hobbs and Dominic's crew head to Paris to track down Shaw ( Luke Evans ) and his group that pulled off the Moscow job and as they are working on another. Hobbs and Dominic are surveying a meeting between the Shaw and one of his once captured crew member and once they witness Shaw escaping the scene the chase is on. Dominic and his group have an all out chase in the city of lights with it ending when Shaw escapes and Dominic is confronted for the first time by Letty since she was presumed dead. It's doesn't go over well.

Dominic and Shaw's group both retreat to lick their wounds with Shaw understanding that he is now dealing with professionals and not the day to day cops that he has grown accustomed to. There is a respect for them. Brian heads back to the U.S. to acquire some Intel from an old friend from a couple of movies ago while Dominic is left behind in Paris to have a little meet and greet with Letty in a neutral area.

Hobbs and Dominic figure out what Shaw is after and they arrive to a military base in Spain prior to Shaw's arrival but realize that he had no plans to going there but he made sure they were there so he could go after his real goal which is being transported by truck to another destination. What ensues is another great chase on the roads which climaxes with a " jumping the shark " moment. Both groups end up back at the Spanish military base and Shaw figures out a way to escape out of custody.

The final chase is on the runway with Hobbs and Dominic on a jumbo cargo plane confronting Shaw and his muscle men. If you have scene any previews which I am sure you have you know that Dominic's crew and their cars take down the plane in a fiery crash. An impressive scene to say the least.

In the end Hobbs, Dominic and crew prevail but not before there are some losses. They all say til next time with brings us to the post movie scene which sets up the next movie which was basically foretold by previews and interviews.

Verdict : The only thing that was an issue with me is knowing that there would be no true "ending" as I knew that this was a set up for the next film. With that being said I enjoyed this movie to the fullest. Fast, cool cars. Beautiful women. Great looking locales. Everything I can enjoy. The story is pretty basic for the genre but the great back and forth between all characters is priceless. The humor is mixed in perfectly and action is brisk and non-stop. Two big THUMBS UP and would have beaten Star Trek as my favorite of the year if not for the "set-up" aspect of this one. A fine addition to the franchise.


  1. Action maybe fast but script not furious. Other than the teamwork-good vs.evil and suspense, there is nothing left in the story-line!

  2. Agreed on both. But going in you knew what to expect per se and it delivered on that front. Its safe to assume number 7 will be the same