Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bobblehead of the Day : Hanley " I See You " Ramirez

To close out the first month of the 2013 baseball season the Dodgers gave out their first of a scheduled ten bobble heads for the year. Hanley Ramirez is the honored bobble of the night.

This is Hanley's first full year on the Dodgers and he game back in style last night. Although he had a pinch hit appearance the previous night for his first at bat of the year, last night was he real welcoming back party and he did it in style. Not quite like Manny Ramirez back in 2009 with his " Bobble Slam " Grand Slam but Hanley did get hit a solo home run and added a double. He is known for his " I See You " gesture that he has been doing since he got into town last year. It was announced earlier this year that his bobble head would depict that motion. I'm slowing down on the bobble heads and was only to get a few this year but Rick Monday saving the flag which is coming out in August and this one felt too unique to pass up.

I couldn't attend the game as I had to work late so I gave my tickets to my co-worker and she was kind enough to make sure to get the bobble to me. It is a great looking bobble and the Dodgers got the gesture down perfectly. I hope to get this signed in the coming year either at the stadium or if he still does the signing in July. Here are some pictures which hopefully will be updated in the future with that signature on the helmet.


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