Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Attended Game Recap : May 27th vs Angels - DODGERS 8 Angels 7


That word can describe so many aspects on last night's game.
But before that let us remember that yesterday was Memorial Day and that the fight and struggle that our men and women have done on our behalf across the world allowed me and thousands to watch Dodger baseball in relative peace. Let us not forget that there is a lot more to life than baseball and that we should be thankful that we can watch this great sport in this great country.

The Dodgers had the big flag out last night and I always love seeing it on the field.

Flags at half mast.
Bringing out the big guns.
On to the Matt Kemp situation. Before I give my rant let me remind anyone that is booing him a little history and what he did last night as well.

Yeah, that's Matt again with dying fan Joshua Jones at Dodger stadium. He had them flown down to see the Dodgers on their own home field and yet the majority of fans at the stadium boo and condemn him nowadays. Two things stick out for me. One, he is still recovering from shoulder surgery and doesn't have his swing or strength back. He was just allowed last week to resume weight lifting. Two, like he has said before there is more to life than baseball and Kemp as shown here and many times before has given back to fans and the community 100x over. So people need to accept that the old on field Matt will be back sometime in the future and we just need to be patient and support him. And two remember that he always brings a smile to the stadium and is friendly with everyone and we shouldn't take that for granted. That can all stop someday as I noticed he didn't sign prior to the game like he normally does along the 3rd base side. You can be frustrated just like I am but I will NEVER boo this good man and neither should you. Alright, I'm done ranting.
Onto the game. The Dodgers had no right being in this game let alone winning it. They were down 6-1 to the hottest team in baseball. They were already charged 3 errors and by my count should have been at least 5 maybe 6. Their second ace Greinke ( who also is recovering from surgery ) was struggling. All this and at the end of the game Kemp ends up striking out 4x. Yet this team chipped away at the lead and actually tied it at 6 and eventually led 7-6. Of course with this team and its bullpen you just knew it couldn't last and it didn't. The Angels pulled even at 7. Then in the 8th with them down by 1 Mike Trout launched a shot into RF and with the runner breaking at contact he was past 2nd when he realized that Ethier had caught the ball. Ethier threw it back to 1st and the umpire called the runner out. I have not seen the replays but I have been told that it was an incorrect call and Albert Pujols should have come up with a runner on base but instead the inning was over and the threat neutralized  The Dodgers closed out the game in the 9th and snapped the Angels 8 game winning streak.
If there is ever a game that will be a turning point for the Dodgers this year it has to be this game. They were down and basically out and could have just mailed it in the rest of the game but they didn't. They fought and clawed their way back and won the game. They have the talent but do they have the resolve for the rest of the year? If not then this game just ends up being a very exciting game that the Dodgers happen to win when they shouldn't have.
One game down. Two more to go to watch in person between these two teams
Go Blue


  1. Fellow South Bayer here. Good post. I agree with your comments on Kemp. Another thing people forget is that he signed an extension with the Dodgers for less money than he could have gotten if he waited on free agency. And he did it with the ownership situation in flux. I thought the McCourts would eventually cause him to end up in pinstripes, but he stayed put.

  2. Agreed. He could have tested the market and would for sure have at least a few offers of over 200M. He loves LA and wants to be here. LA people can be so fickle. Ive never had anything but nice things to say about him. Nice to see a fellow South Bayer. Redondo Beach here

  3. Cool. North or South? I'm in North RB myself.

  4. Crazy. We are neighbors. I'm by Neighborhood Grinds.

  5. Small world. If you ever are at autograph signings or at the stadium for early BP we can introduce ourselves