Sunday, May 12, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Juan Pierre ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

Taking a few days break from my Hall of Fame eBay purchase as I got a few autographs from this past Saturdays game at Dodger Stadium that will take up 4 days but think they deserve their own posts. Will get back to the Hall of Fame purchases after these.

Juan Pierre is currently a Marlin but he played quite a few years on the Dodgers and for the most part while popular as a player by fans was ridiculed by everyone for his contract that he was given by GM Ned Colletti. His contract for 5 years at 45 million was ridiculous then as it would be now but it wasn't his fault. While his talents are limited he played to with them to the fullest. To this day he is a very good base stealer as he just crossed the 600 mark for his career. I never liked him as a player on the team as I felt he like a few of the older players blocked other players from coming up that had more talent, I did like him as a person as he always was and still is positive and great with fans.

While watching BP this past weekend Juan came over to the stands and started interacting with fans as he still has many here in Los Angeles. As I was never able to get his autograph while he was on the team I still wanted it as he was a Dodger. I headed over to him and asked if would sign for me and he gladly obliged. He also added a verse from the bible. I always think his signature looks like a stick figure. Ha Ha. Either way, thank you again for your time on our team and thank you for signing a ball for me.


  1. Very nice! He denied me twice on Friday. Once after BP and once after the game.

  2. Ty. I think it helped that I was in the baseline seats and he came over to talk to someone within the section so there weren't many ppl.