Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Matt Kemp ( 2013 All-Star Baseball )

Yup, you read the title right.

As stated in the previous posts I was down in the baseline seats for the Saturday's game and I was not going to pass up on getting some Kemp autographs as Honabach and Sons is now charging $80 for a signature. I believe I will never pay for another Kemp autograph.

As stated I had a friend that really wanted his photo and autograph so she had priority on the situation but I still had two separate balls I wanted signed and this was the first.

I happened to be at the perfect place on the baseline seats as he came to me first. I handed him the ball and asked him if he could sign underneath the All-Star logo and told him that I have faith that he will still be voted in somehow for this year's Mid-Summer's Classic. He gave me a sly smirk and chuckle but signed nonetheless. If for some reason he doesn't make it, it will make for a funny side note in my collection. Thank you as always for taking your time to sign for us Matt.

Now.... I still had one more to go to make my day complete...

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