Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bobblehead of the Day : Matt Kemp ( Home Run Follow Through )

Last night at Dodger Stadium it was Matt Kemp Bobblehead Night. I wasn't able to go to the game but had my buddy go in my place and had him pick up this year's version of Matt Kemp. This is the third version we now have of Matt and for me even though it is a great looking bobble it is my least favorite but with saying that I still love this one.

Each year the details keep getting better and better. The classic pose of the follow through of what looks to be a home run swing is spot on. Too bad we have only been witness to one of those this year. Still believe that the surgery is hindering his power. He started 0-11 but now has his average near .280. It's getting there.

I love how they get all the details into the bobble including his pine tar mark on his left shoulder. The only thing I would have done is by making it darker like it is in real life. Either way though you have to love that don't forget even the smallest detail.

The face is remarkably life like to the man himself. Had a few girls at work already swooning and telling me how dreaming he looks even in miniature form. Ha Ha.

All in all this is a great looking bobble and will look great next to my other 2 Kemp bobbles. Now sometime this year I will get it signed so I will have all three matching with his autograph. Great job Dodgers.

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