Monday, May 20, 2013

Movie Review : Star Trek Into Darkness

The second entry into the reboot of the Star Trek franchise was released this past weekend and hit the ground running, literally.

Kirk ( Chris Pine ) is running away from a structure with a scroll on some planet he was to observe but not be seen and we saw in the first film he has a problem with following set rules. At the same time Spock ( Zachary Quinto ) is trying to stop a catastrophe from happening on the planet. Both of these actions get them into major trouble with Star Fleet.

An attack from an unknown assailant on a London facility prompts Star Fleet to give orders to Kirk and his crew to hunt this man down and bring him to justice via torpedoes aka death from above. They find out that this attacker goes by the name of Harrison ( Benedict Cumberbatch ) and has fled to a distant planet named Kronos which is in Klingon territory. Harrison assumes wrong that they would track them there and is confronted by the Enterprise crew while they are engaged by a Klingon scout ship. Harrison actual saves the crew single handily from the Kingons and is taken prisoner because he chooses to as Kirk finds out the hard way as he can't beat him in hand to hand combat.

As the crew awaits to fix the Enterprise as it was damaged while travelling to Kronos Kirk and Spock interrogate Harrison and learn his back story and his objective which is a complete contradiction of what Star Fleet informed Kirk of who he was. Kirk confronts Admiral Marcus ( Peter Weller ) on the situation and is not fully satisfied with the answers he receives.

Kirk and the crew soon reluctantly help Harrison achieve a goal but at the same time have a plan to subdue him once they have a window of opportunity. Kirk accomplishes that but only for a second and then the battle ensues between them. During the battle Kirk must risk his life trying to save the Enterprise from crashing and then we see Spock take on Harrison himself in a great battle of wits and surprisingly brute. Spock proves himself to be more than just a brilliant mind and Kirk proves that he can think about the welfare of others and not just himself.

Verdict : I do not want too spoil to much so the review had to be vague at points. The supporting cast is excellent and play their parts to perfection and the tandem of Kirk and Spock pop on the screen. Harrison is a brilliant villain and hopefully if (when) they make a third film they can somehow bring him back. The film is almost 2 and half hours long and it felt like it lasted no more than a hour or so. It hit the ground running and did not let up. There was no set up that needed to be said about the crew so they could just tell a great story. This is by far the best Star Trek in my opinion and I have seen every single one. I know it might be sacrilegious to say this but I enjoyed this movie more than Iron Man 3 this summer. The reason being is the villain. While the Mandarin faltered in my view, Harrison did not. In the end, THUMBS UP to the most enjoyable movie this year for me.

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