Monday, May 13, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Andre Ethier ( 2010 All-Star Baseball )

Second on my four autograph scores from this past Saturday. Yesterday it was Juan Pierre and today it is Andre Ethier.

I always like to get All Star balls signed by the Dodger who were elected into the game and I have had this 2010 ball for a couple years now a I never have been able to get it signed by any of them. Having baseline seats this time I was determined to get Andre to sign it this year. The last couple of times I have been down there I ended up getting something else signed or for some reason or another he didn't sign that day. I was not going to be denied this time.

I headed over to his area where he does his pre game routine and normally he signs before Kemp does so I kept an eye on Kemp so I wouldn't miss out on him. I positioned myself so I was the second person he signed for and I asked him if he would be kind enough to sign under the All Star logo which he did. As always he was polite and interacts with the crowd and does it with a smile. Thank you again Andre for signing the ball and hopefully the 4 for 4 game is the start of something good for you and the team. Now back to my main goal of Kemp....

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