Friday, May 24, 2013

Movie Review : The Hangover Part 3

So we have hit the inevitable second sequel to the movie that started it all back in 2009. While the Wolfpack is still together, this movie feels more like a vehicle for Mr. Chow ( Ken Jeong ) than anyone else. In the first movie he is more of a background character to the others but this one he is front and center.

The film starts off with Chow escaping a prison in Bangkok. The Wolfpack are finishing up attending the funeral of Alan's ( Zach Galifianakis ) father which in part was caused by Alan having an animal induced accident in Los Angeles  The group and family finally step in and convince Alan to enter a rehab facility in Arizona and are willing to drive them there. So Phil ( Bradley Cooper ), Stu ( Ed Helms ) and Doug ( Justin Bartha ) hop in a van and head out to Arizona with Alan in tow only to be attacked by Marshall ( John Goodman ) and his goons. It is explained that due to the actions of the Wolfpack from the first movie set in motion a chain of events that caused Chow to steal millions in gold from Marshall and Marshall wants them to kidnap Chow and bring him back to him. Doug once again is taken out of the movie for the most part as he is taken hostage while the rest of the group head down to Mexico where Chow has been in hiding. After a failed drugging of Chow the group is convinced by Chow to steal back some gold that he has hidden in a house that was seized by the government when he was captured. Things go awry which has the Wolfpack heading back to Vegas once again to find and capture Chow. Obviously from the events of the first movie the group have bad memories and are second guessing themselves in going after Chow.

Once in Vegas it is cat and mouse as they get close to getting him then he gets away and this goes back and forth for awhile til he is finally taken out and finally delivered to Marshall. There is a final confrontation between all parties involved and in the end they go their separate ways while Alan promises to be a better person as all of this has been bad for him and he feels he needs to change.

Verdict : The first Hangover was a great buddy flick that had me laughing the whole time. The second movie felt forced and should never have been made but this one made the second one look good. Through the whole film it looked and felt that all the actors except Chow and to a lesser extent Alan mailed this in, especially Phil. He looked bored out of his mind. I thought with the setting being back in Vegas they might get back some of that magic that was lost in the second film. I was wrong. Chow is a funny character but he is better as a supporting character not as one of the leads. Alan has just overstayed his welcome. Phil as stated doesn't even seem like he wants to be there and Stu is adequate at best. The funniest part of movie is the post credits scene but it is such a long hour and 40 minutes to get to. A highly disappointing film which earns a THUMBS DOWN to watching even at home. Do yourself a favor and watch the first film in the trilogy and never watch this one.

Also, the movie is called Hangover. There isn't even one in this film. WTF?


  1. I didn’t give a crap about any of these characters, even if the actors playing them are ones I usually like and find easy to relate to. Good review.

  2. TY. Highly disappointed and Bradley was way better in Silver Linings Playbook than anything in this trilogy

  3. I saw the preview and said really, another one? I never bothered with the second installment, in the theaters or DVD. Those kinds of movies, while hugely popular and often entertaining, are not the kind of movie that necessitates a sequel. It inevitably is a predictable rehash of the first movie, losing the shock value or originality that made the initial movie so great. This was obviously a paycheck movie for all involved.

  4. I had hope it would improve upon the second one. I should have waited for Redbox for this and still would have overpaid to view it. Should have been a one and done. F and F 6 should be a lot better tonight