Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Matt Kemp ( Gold Glove Award Baseball )

And this was the main thing I wanted signed this past weekend.

I had great luck up to this moment. Got Dee Gordon to sign my team signed ball and got former Dodger Juan Pierre during the Marlin practice but I bought the baseline seats for Matt and Andre autographs. I bounced over to Andre's section and got my 2010 All-Star baseball signed and then quickly got back to Matt's section.

I got the 2013 All Star baseball signed but I believe in karma and I wasn't going to go get that ball and get back into the crowd to get a second thing signed by me. Everyone should have their fair chance. But that is where family comes in.

I put away the first ball and had my father in law already positioned to get my team signed ball signed as I still needed that but that will have to wait for another day. I have almost reached my limit on Matt Kemp autographs as I have multiple signed balls, bobble heads, bats etc. but I realized that I never got him on a Gold Glove ball and since he is a past winner I had to have one in my collection. I headed back to where my father in law was at and told him to give me the team signed ball and handed him the Gold Glove one and told him to tell Matt if he could sign under the logo and like my All-Star Matt gladly honored my request.

I now had a Gold Glove signed baseball to go along with my other 10+ Matt Kemp autographs.

Not a bad haul for one day at the park. Good karma....

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