Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Attended Game Recap : May 28th vs Angels - DODGERS 3 Angels NADA

Game two of a brief two game set at Dodger Stadium and the Dodgers completed the sweep of the Orange County Angels of Anaheim.
Ryu was the starting pitcher for the Dodgers and Blanton for the Angels. This game I felt we should win and had every right compared to the previous night. The 1st inning flew by and I just had a feeling that this was going to be a fast game unless either or both teams went to their bullpens. Thankfully Ryu took care of that with his first shut out and complete game of his young MLB career. The game only took a brisk 2 hours and 11 minutes and I was back home in the South Bay by 9:48.
It was nice to also see that fans were not booing Matt Kemp tonight unlike the previous few games. He had a strong double and a long fly out to deep center field. Maybe, just maybe, he is starting to come around. We can only hope.
Dodger offense is still sputtering along and it's scary when our pitchers ( Ryu tonight, Kershaw other times ) seem to have the best swings of the night. 1 through 3 of our pitching should take us deep into the playoffs as long as our hitting can somehow come to life in a consistent basis. Cruz did hit the big shot today with a 2 run home run. Thought I am happy for him and his contribution tonight to the team I still think in the long run he is not the answer for this team on a daily basis. I hope he proves me wrong and we relive 2012 again with Cruuuuuuz.
It is now onto Anaheim tonight for the 1st game at that stadium and I am ready to invade enemy territory with my fellow blue cladded Dodger friends. Weaver is back for the Angels after an extended stint on the DL. For us we have Capuano and lets hope he gets off to a good start and can maintain this mini winning streak and possibly momentum turning few days. Lets GO BLUE !!!

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