Friday, July 26, 2013

Card of the Day - 2005 Upper Deck : Burt Hooton Past Time Pennants Autograph

Scouring eBay and went back in time for an old time Dodger. Burt Hooton played 10 years with the Dodgers and won the 1981 World Series with them. I lived through that whole time and I can not remember even seeing him on tv. He must have flown under the radar for me when I didn't even know what that term meant yet. Never have met the man as I have missed out on the few public appearances he has had locally so I still needed some type of autograph in my collection of him.

Didn't expect much pickings for Burt but I did find a few that caught my eye. Saw this card with a nice clean autograph. It is not numbered so I didn't think people would be after this one but someone actually did bid on it with a minute left in the auction. Still wouldn't mind winning it but not at a high price. Put my bid in at the end and won it for a cool $2.25. Not too shabby. My first Hooton. Even if I don't remember you, thank you for your contributions to the team.

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