Monday, July 22, 2013

Card of the Day - 2011-12 Panini Contenders : Slava Voynov Calder Contenders Autograph ( 402 / 800 )

Back to the autographs and back to a Los Angeles King card.

Once of these days I need to really invest in one copy of a Hockey Beckett as I am starting to amass a fair number of King cards which I hope will reach at least 30 plus. That said I am bidding on auctions by gut and not by knowledge but so far I think I have been doing a decent job on getting my money's worth on auctions. Saw this copy of Slava's autograph card and had my mental bid wall in place so I didn't over spend. The seller changed the auction to a buy it now or best offer so I sent in an offer of $7 as that seems to be my lucky number and he accepted. Card came in and looks great. One thing I have noticed on hockey players autographs, a lot of them look nothing like their names. You tell me where you see a "S' in the first part or a "V" in the second part. Maybe I am blind. Either way I'm happy to have it and the beat goes on til the next one I can get my hands on.

Have to trust Panini that that autograph says Slava. 402 / 800

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