Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day - Player Appearance Recap : Mike Marshall ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

Finally left Frank and Sons after spending almost four hours in a hot and humid building. Off to my final autograph signing of the day which fortunately was on the way home. The signing was being held at Harry's Dugout in the city of Whitter. Again, a great new store that people should try at least once. They have held numerous signings in the past and today would be Mike Marshall's turn. The former outfielder of the Dodgers.

I arrived there around 1 and saw that no one was outside and thought that people didn't show up. Opened the door to the store and saw at least 20 people all crammed in the store. It was hot outside and the air conditioning was on the inside. Smart people. Went over to the store owner Edward and bought my ticket as we chit chatted over typical baseball stuff. Always great to talk to.

Mike arrived right on time and thanked everyone for attending the signing was very pleasant and personable to everyone and made eye contact. That is always a big thing for me. Got up to the table said thank you for coming which he appreciated. He signed on the sweet spot and I, like everyone else before me, asked for a picture together which he happily did. Said thank you and made my way back out to the heat outside.

Mike Marshall and I

So at the end of the day I had acquired 3 paid autographs and it was a great day had by me. Great time talking to all the fellow Dodger fans and look forward to the next signing at Harry's Dugout next month for Paul Lo Duca.

Nice smooth signature.

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