Thursday, July 25, 2013

Card of the Day - 2011-12 Crown Royale : Dustin Penner Game Used Material Autograph ( 47 / 100 ) . . . AKA eBay Bucks Purchase Number 3

And to finish out this quarter's eBay bucks purchases is a hockey card that I wanted but did not want to spend what the seller wanted so it sat on my watch list until the day I could get it at my price.

Still trying to complete my Stanley Cup Kings autograph set and things are getting difficult in trying to find cards of the players left for me to acquire. Dustin Penner has had multiple cards but not a single one has him in a King's jersey except this one. It had been on eBay for awhile as I expect that 1) the demand for Penner cards is smaller than other King players and it was off season now and 2) the seller wanted $15 for the card. I never was going to spend that even though this is the only card that I have been able to find of Dustin that was acceptable. So I waited and waited for a good two months until I pulled the trigger on getting this card. I had a little over $7 left of eBay bucks so with that and a little under $8 out of pocket I bought the card. I'm happy that it lasted that long with no one else buying it but again at the $15 I think that scared people away.

So with this card that completes the three items I got for a grand total of a little under $8 out of pocket. A rookiegraph sweet spot signed ball of budding superstar Manny Machado, another great Kemp autographed card and a much needed piece to my King's set that is getting harder and harder to complete. Can't wait until October when my next eBay bucks certificate is available.

47 / 100

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