Sunday, July 7, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Hyun-Jin Ryu Top 100 Insert

Awhile back I acquired the die cut version of Ryu's Top 100 Insert card but I technically was still on the lookout for the normal non variant but it wasn't getting my full attention at the time. It was time to fix that.

Didn't expect too much hassle on getting this card as it books for only $6 and with Yasiel Puig now taking all the rookie headlines in Los Angeles I figured it would lessen the demand for Ryu's card. Ryu has quietly put up very good numbers so far this year and if it continues he should head to the All-Star game. We shall see. Found an auction that started at just 99 cents and with a day left put my bid in for a buck fifty and won it at that exact price. Nothing wrong with picking up a card for a dollar and some pocket change. Welcome once more to my collection Ryu.

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