Friday, July 5, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Museum : Adrian Gonzalez Blue Bordered Variant ( 36 / 99 )

Another card that shows off the Dodger's first half MVP so far. I have decided to basically bypass the regular cards of this years Topps Museum unless I find a team set for a nice price. Just going to concentrate on the blue bordered variants. I already acquired Koufax and the Duke but have yet to get a player from the current roster until now. Adrian has been the only constant everyday player for the team ( Kershaw is the other constant but plays every 5th day ) and is starting to become a favorite of mine as I get to see him play on a day to day basis instead of him being on the east coast or 18 times a year when he was with the Padres.

The blue bordered cards have been up and down in price and other than the Ryu rookie card I have a set price in mind that I would be willing pay. With that in mind I have missed out on a lot of auctions due to that but I finally landed on this one. Picked it up for a measly $3. So that is 3 blue bordered cards down and 4 to go to complete the set.

36 / 99 of a Blue Adrian

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