Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ball of the Day - Manny Machado ( ROMLB Sweet Spot ) . . . AKA eBay Bucks Purchase Number 1

It's that time of the year which actually comes to eBay buyers 4x a year. It's like Christmas every 3 months for me when it comes to eBay. As I have stated before I am in an eBay program called " eBay Bucks " in which you earn money on each purchase every 3 months to use in future purchases. So come Jan., Apr., July and Oct. there are eBay bucks for me to use to acquire some "free" stuff and this is the first of three that I was able to acquire. A Manny Machado Rookie Graph was my main goal to acquire and it was the first to make it to my doorstep.

I don't get many signed balls by non Dodgers anymore but Machado has been tearing up the league this year and this is after his impressive start in the big leagues from last year when he was only up for a couple of months. His is only 21 years old and looks to have a very long career ahead of him. This year alone he is on course to break the all time record for doubles by any player in a year and he is doing this while keeping up his batting average over .300. He will never be confused as a power hitter but he does have some pop in his bat. His defense is improving on a daily basis and he is making highlight plays every week. Those that read these blog entries know that I love having all the budding stars signed balls accompanied by the Rookie Graph indication on them. It can only be obtained in the first year of the player's career. Not going to pay for Machado's signed rookie card as that is too pricey but having the equivalent of it on a ball is a good second choice for me.

So with a good size amount of bucks I didn't really have to worry about price so I just bypassed the auctions and gave a seller an offer that I thought was reasonable based on past Machado sold auctions. A day later he accepted and one short week later this gem showed up and has now been added to my ever growing collection. With more eBay bucks left over I went to go purchase two other items I have been keeping my eye. More on that tomorrow...

Odd looking signature of a budding superstar in Baltimore.

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