Friday, July 5, 2013

Movie Review : Despicable Me 2

The inevitable sequel to the 2010 smash hit arrived in theaters yesterday with the attempt to raise the bar from the first film. On most fronts it did.
We start off with seeing Gru ( Steve Carrell ) settling in as the father figure to the three little girls that he adopted and he has given up his evil ways and is trying to move on with a honest business adventure. Thankfully and obviously with all the advertisements Gru's minions are still around and seem to be like the Gremlins from back in the day as they have multiplied. Maybe Gru threw a bucket of water on them between movies. Gru is soon abducted and recruited by the AVL ( Anti-Villain League ) to track down someone that has stolen a science lab from the Artic circle which were working on a formula that augments the subject into an amped up being ala a purple skinned Hulk. Problem is that the formula is unstable and if it falls into the wrong hands it can and will have serious consequences.
As Gru and his assigned partner Lucy Wilde ( Kristen Wig ) are trying to track down whoever stole the formula, Gru must deal with the girls growing up and causing more headaches with the most dangerous of them being that boys have entered into the picture which Gru just can't handle. The duo finally tracks down the mastermind who was behind the taking of the formula but that is after villain has taken most of Gru's minions and administered the formula to them and have turned them into more of mindless beings but now in purple form with massive unchecked anger issues and aggression. It is quite hilarious when a couple of the unaffected yellow minions meet up with the purple counterparts and interact. I couldn't stop laughing.
Movie hits its climax when Gru and Lucy are cornered by all the purple minions and the mastermind who also used the formula on himself to take on a more physical role in defeating Gru and Lucy. With the help of an old friend and Gru's girls and of course some minions they are able to overcome the affected minions and the big bad guy and all is happy in the end with everyone with the door open for the obvious third movie in the franchise in the near future.
Verdict : This is the way a cartoon movie should be during the summer. I was disappointed with Monster's University last week and with that and this movie both having my expectations high the minions lived up to them while the monsters did not. Don't get me wrong there are some issues with this movie with the middle part being the slowest but I never felt that the movie was dragging on too long for it's own good. With the theme being family and growth this film brought it all together nicely as we see Gru learning to love and the girls experiencing new things that have there own up and downs. The minions as in the first movie steal the show with all their antics and I couldn't stop laughing out loud at this yellow little "pills" running around causing havoc with a type of innocence about them. They were great. I saw the movie in 3D and thought it added a nice extra layer to the storytelling especially during the credits which don't forget to stick around for. A great time had by all and a BIG THUMBS UP to watch this flick. Family friendly and leaves you in a good mood after leaving the theater. 

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